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Post-Surgery Knee Care and How to Speed Up Recovery

There are many types of knee problems and every type has a specific treatment plan. Depending on your knee problem, the invasiveness of the surgery may vary, including the length of time needed to recover from it. Post-surgery care is often a thing of concern among patients. Therefore, it is best to work closely with your orthopedic specialist in the Fox Valley about this before you go into surgery.

Still, there are some things you can do to alleviate recovery time in general.

1. Choose the right recovery facility

Most people think that recovery from knee surgery can only be done in the hospital and then at home. However, there is now a third option. There are post-surgery facilities that are designed to be of better help during recovery. If you want to speed up your recovery, you may want to consider living in a recovery facility temporarily. These recovery sites provide amazing care for patients. Additionally, they are complete with equipment, facilities, and medical experts that can support the physical therapy sessions that you have to undergo during recovery. Moreover, since you will be staying there with patients, it helps form a relatable social group that can be a good support system on your way to better knees.

2. Be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready

Knee surgery, depending on the intensity, can be a mildly invasive or an extremely invasive treatment. Therefore, there can be a lot of pain after the anesthesia has worn away. You need to be fully prepared for the pain. Although your doctor will give you pain medications, there can still be spurts of pain from time to time.

3. Follow through with your physical therapy

Undergoing therapy can be painful and challenging. There can be a lot of physical pain involved to be able to walk again after the surgery. However, you need to power through the pain so you can walk unassisted. Follow all the directions given by your therapist. It can be difficult at the start but do not beat yourself up because if you do it regularly, there will be progress.

Also, it is easier to think of giving up. However, do not. If you need emotional support, tell your therapist, your family, and your friends so they help out. This is another reason it is better to be in a recovery facility during post-surgery. You can find people there you can relate to, which can provide strength during your physical therapy sessions.

4. Stay healthy

As you recover, start living a healthier life. The physical therapy you have to go through can be the start of your regular workout. Choose to eat healthily and maintain a healthy weight to avoid knee problems from happening again. Quit smoking.

5. Questions?

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