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Safety Recommendations after a Joint Replacement

Following a hip or knee replacement surgery, be aware of a few important safety precautions to ensure an optimal healing process. Plus, being safe during the process of healing also means that the new joint will last longer.

Keep Surroundings Simple

If there is any clutter, it should be removed. Clutter not only makes it harder for one to find objects, which would make the patient have to stand up for longer periods of time, but it can also turn into a tripping hazard. Speaking of which, the stairs are made for climbing, not for storing objects, which is why any items on them should be taken away. Supplies, whether for cleaning, medicating, or eating, should all have their own special area. This is important, because if one knows exactly where to go to find everything, they won’t be pushed to stand and walk for longer than they should. Finally, small rugs should be taken away, as they are quite dangerous, and people can easily slip on them.

Simplify Walking

No one wants to feel like they’re going through an obstacle course after they’ve just come home from their total joint surgery. As such, electrical wires and extension cords should be safely placed out of walking areas. If one has pets, they should pay close attention to them when walking, since they can be quite unpredictable, and thus, become a tripping hazard. All walking areas should be well lit, especially the stairs. It is also a good idea to keep night lights for bedrooms and for bathrooms. Finally, the handrails on stairs are of crucial importance. Make sure that they are securely fastened.


In case of emergencies, always be well-prepared. This goes for any situation, but more so for right after a surgery. Smoke detectors should be functioning well, and emergency numbers should be placed near the phone.


The bathroom is an area where slipping is a big possibility, which is why preparing it for post surgery is extremely important. Bath mats should be placed next to the tub, and grab bars should be installed in the shower. If the bathroom is too far from the bedroom, a urinal may be a great idea. Finally, it’s a good idea to reduce the temperature of the water heater, to ensure that accidental burns don’t happen.

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