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A Quick Look at Anterior Hip Replacement

Patients who require hip replacement now have another option with the anterior method.

This surgery is known as one of the most valued developments in the world of orthopedics. This surgery aids in relieving pain and restoring functions to patients who have suffered from diseases like arthritis or who have experienced severe trauma. Undergoing this operation allows them to return to their usual day to day activities and a life of minimal to virtually no pain.

The anterior approach involves a small incision through the front of the body. With the entry in front, it is now possible to reach the joint by separating muscles rather than by cutting through them and then putting them back later. Therefore, the anterior approach can lead to faster recovery among patients. It can also result in shorter stays in the hospital and less susceptibility to muscle damage, as well as fewer post-operative restrictions.

Therefore, with this method, the outcome of relief from pain and improvement of function can be achieved more quickly. The promise of pain relief, return of function, and quick recovery is what has helped the anterior approach gain popularity.

To find out if you are a candidate for anterior hip replacement, make an appointment to speak to one of the OSI orthopedic surgeons using this technique: Dr. David Eggert or Dr. Brian Lohrbach.

To learn more about the approach, sign up to attend Dr. Lohrbach’s free seminar on the benefits of the procedure. His presentation will take place at OSI in Appleton on Wednesday, October 3 at 6:00 P.M. Following the seminar, tour the OSI surgery center and its attached skilled nursing center, the Recovery Inn.