Workers' Compensation


We designed OSI for our patients. It’s an orthopedic experience that’s more personal and efficient than you’ll find anywhere else. And because we’re dedicated to muscle, bone, spine, and joint care, we’re specialists in many of the most common workplace injuries. 

For workers' compensation, we’ve combined our efficiency and expertise with some cutting-edge tools. Tools that help you get back to work safely, and in much less time. Our workers’ compensation program includes:

  • A dedicated Director of Workers’ Compensation as your single point of contact
  • Injury prevention education
  • Workplace safety evaluation
  • Same-day access to an orthopedic surgeon
  • Immediate diagnosis
  • Clinics located in Appleton, De Pere, New London, Ripon, Shawano, and Waupaca
  • Return-to-work allowances, clearly defining activities you can perform at work
  • Clear goals for a full return to work as promptly as possible
  • Spine care

We’ve taken the complex process that is workers’ compensation, analyzed it, deconstructed it, and put it back together. The result is a workers’ compensation experience that’s fixed the flaws and recovered lost time. And that means you’ll get back to work safely, at lower cost, and in less time than anywhere else.