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Eric Schultz
OSI Patient

The knee is your body’s largest joint. Whether you’re walking, standing, sitting, or bending – you rely on it for nearly everything. You can also rely on the knee specialists at OSI to ensure your knee performs as it should. So you can, too.

The most common reason for seeing an orthopedic doctor is due to knee problems. Normally, all parts of the knee joint work together so everything moves smoothly and easily so you can stand, walk, bend, and perform everyday movements without experiencing pain. Knee injury, disease, or arthritis can disrupt the normal functioning of the knee joint, resulting in pain, muscle weakness, and movement limitations. And you don’t have to be old to have knee problems – knee injury and pain can affect anyone at any age. But the highly-trained, board-certified knee doctors at Orthopedic & Sports Institute can treat any knee issue, whether you have a minor injury or need a total knee replacement. Visit OSI Appleton to get the knee relief you need.


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