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Foot & Ankle

OSI Foot and ankle physicians – experts at getting you back on your feet.

When you have pain in your ankle, foot, or both, it feels like your entire body hurts. After all, your foot and ankle bear the weight of your entire body, and more, at times. Chronic pain in those areas can prevent you from your favorite activities – or any activity, really. And that’s no fun at all. 

Whether you have a foot or ankle injury or you’re simply dealing with the effects of wear and tear, you deserve the best orthopedic specialists in Northeast Wisconsin to get you back on your feet again (literally). That’s the doctors at Orthopedic Sports Institute. The orthopedic specialists at OSI are specifically trained to treat any orthopedic condition, including those in your feet and ankles. We’re here to listen, discuss options, and form a treatment plan that gets you walking down the path to pain-free mobility.

Common conditions we treat