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Q. When does this change take place?
A. Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023.

Q. Who does this change affect?
A. Patients having total joint replacement surgery at OSI.

Q. What is the reason for this change?
A. Insurance companies often dictate how long a patient stays after surgery. As the landscape of total joint surgery has changed and improved, so have recovery protocols. Because insurance companies rarely approve stays beyond 23 hours, we have made the decision to only offer post-surgical care for that amount of time.

Q. What happens if I need to stay longer than 23 hours?
A. If your physician determines that you are medically unable to go home after your extended stay at Recovery Inn, you will be safely transferred to a local alternative care facility. We are partnering with many in the area, and we will coordinate the transfer.

Q. But I stayed for more than 23 hours after my last surgery. What if I don’t feel comfortable going home 23 hours after this one?
A. Our discharge protocols will not change. If you are medically able to be discharged but are not comfortable going home, we will coordinate care with an alternative care facility. In the past, when patients chose on their own to stay longer than 23 hours at Recovery Inn, there were typically out-of-pocket expenses. If our physicians and your insurance company determine that you are physically able to go home but you do not feel comfortable, you may be responsible for out-of-pocket payments to the alternative care facility.

Q. What does “extended recovery” mean?
A. It means that your surgical procedure is classified as outpatient and insurance will approve a stay no longer than 23 hours. It gives our expert staff the opportunity to monitor and care for you for an extended period of time after surgery, while also giving you the opportunity to safely rest and recover from the comfort of your own home.

Q. Can a family member stay with me at Recovery Inn?
A. Your family is able to visit you in Recovery Inn, but insurance protocols do not permit visitors staying overnight.

Q. Is anything else about Recovery Inn changing?
A. No. All of our Recovery Inn comforts and compassionate care will remain the same. You will still enjoy gourmet meals and private, comfortable recovery suites.

If you have additional questions, please call 920-560-1047.