Accreditation for OSI Surgery Center

July 30, 2013

The Orthopedic & Sports Institute surgery center has recently been accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). By undergoing this voluntary process, organizations are able to measure the quality of their services and performance against nationally recognized standards set by the AAAHC. Their certificate of accreditation recognizes an organization’s commitment to provide high quality health care. While earning this recognition is significant in itself, the AAAHC designation is only a part of its value. Through an on-going process of self-evaluation, peer review, and consultation that is driven by the accreditation experience, an organization maximizes its ability to continuously improve care and services.

The AAAHC develops standards with active industry input that promote patient safety, quality health care, and value in ambulatory health care settings. Accreditation is awarded to those institutions in compliance with these rigorous standards. The onsite survey includes an extensive assessment of compliance of the entire organization. Following a two day observational tour, surveyors hold a summation conference to present their findings. OSI’s nine member team reviewed the comprehensive AAAHC document directory and worked to ensure that AAAHC standards continued to be met.

The ultimate objective of the accreditation process is to learn. Earning the accreditation symbolizes a surgery center’s high standing and commitment to optimizing the level of care for patients. In a time when patient understanding of health care options is more critical than ever, AAAHC accreditation sends a clear message. When patients look at the choices offered to them in health care, the AAAHC certificate of accreditation means the organization has undergone a thorough review of policies and practices. Included in the AAAHC survey are segments specifically addressing patient rights and quality of care provided, which focus attention on an organization’s transparency and willingness to partner with patients.

AAAHC awards their accreditation to organizations which meet or exceed their standards. Patients looking for this prestigious and meaningful symbol of excellence can easily identify the organization possessing it by looking for the AAAHC logo, a blue triangle with an inverted white triangle within. This designation has been proudly displayed at OSI and on their website for the last three years and will continue to be through 2016, as AAAHC accreditation has been awarded to OSI once again. Organizational excellence is accomplished only through individual commitment and dedication, so congratulations are in order to each and every member of the Orthopedic & Sports Institute for this achievement.