Area Physician One of 16 Worldwide with Ultrasound Certification

by Sarah Ives
March 09, 2018

Physiatrist Juan Albino of Neuroscience Group.

Dr. Juan Albino of Neuroscience Group has just received the ASRA Pain and MSK Interventional Ultrasound Certification making him currently one of 16 certified clinicians worldwide in this field.

According to American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA), the certificate was developed to enable physicians to document skills and training in this highly specialized field of pain management. Dr. Albino is already dual board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. 

While ultrasound was first used for clinical purposes in the 1950s, it is a relatively new field for orthopedics and pain management. Ultrasound Guided Injection is used to alleviate pain, dispense medication and used to treat many different conditions. These types of injections are superior to both “blind” and fluoroscopic injections because of the accuracy of the needle placement and the minimization of potential radiation exposure. 

Ultrasound allows the physician to pinpoint human body structures that normally would not be possible to hit. It allows visualization of the tip of the needle in real-time. Typically steroids, which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, are used.

Another tool that helps patients return to a better quality of life is the spinal cord stimulator. 

“The spinal cord stimulator puts the patient in control. It’s one of the few pain management options that allows the patient the opportunity to experiment with its effectiveness before the implantation of the device, providing many patients a way to deal with pain without taking medications daily,” said Albino. 

Ultrasound Guided Injections and spinal cord stimulators are tools Dr. Albino and the other Pain Management physicians of Neuroscience Group have to help their patients manage their acute and chronic pain conditions. The importance of these types of treatments cannot be overstated in our current culture of excessive opioid abuse.

The physicians of Neuroscience Group are committed to providing safe and effective therapies for their patients as they strive to live out the mission of the organization, which is to improve lives by providing the very best in brain, spine and pain care.

“Pain is a complex subjective sensory and emotional experience that is unique to each individual,” said Albino. “No two persons will experience pain or treatments in the same way.” 

Dr. Albino provides convenient care for his Appleton patients at the Orthopedic & Sports Institute.