OSI Surgery Center Earns National Recognition

March 02, 2018

The Orthopedic & Sports Surgery Center has been recognized as a 2016/2017 National APEX Quality Award Winner. 

Each year SPH Analytics recognizes their highest performing healthcare entities with the APEX Quality Award. This year, over 700 healthcare facilities were eligible for the award, and 109 were selected as winners.

The award distinguishes OSI’s Surgery Center as one of the highest performing healthcare entities in the ambulatory surgery peer grouping. 

Winners are determined solely on patient satisfaction.

“The patient satisfaction survey is our report card on the care we provide,” said Angie Laux, Quality Manager at OSI’s Surgery Center. “We value the feedback from the survey and can implement program improvements based on the results.”  

This national distinction recognizes outstanding healthcare organizations that have demonstrated the highest levels of excellence in patient satisfaction and overall care over a 12-month period. 

APEX Quality Award winners represent healthcare providers who consistently achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction. The award is patient-centric, with scoring provided solely from each entity’s patients. 

“We continue to study the surgical experience from the patient perspective in order to provide the best possible patient experience,” said Laux. “Every detail that is important to a patient is important to us.”

The OSI Surgery Center has earned the APEX distinction in both years of eligibility.