New website helps you find the right doctor

November 15, 2013

Mike Zielinski, founder of RightDoc. com

With changes on the horizon, the impact of health care decision-making will become even more significant.  One of the intentions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to improve the quality of health care by providing an increase in provider choice.  With that in mind, it’s time to do your homework.  

When it comes to choosing the right doctor, a new informational website, RightDoc. com, can simplify your search for the medical professional who is right for you and your family.  Mike Zielinski, Neenah native and founder of RightDoc, started the company and launched the website in 2013 after having spent over a dozen years as an occupational and physical therapist working in orthopedics and sports medicine. 

In Zielinski’s interactions with patients, both as therapist and as head of a company providing home-based physical therapy services, he found no shortage of people who made mention of the fact that finding the right doctor was often a challenging process.  

Patients mentioned a familiarity with medical review websites and a willingness to use them, but they were frustrated with sites relying on anonymous sources to rate physicians, likening them to restaurant rating sites which are often skewed to the negative by a small yet vocal group of disgruntled reviewers.       

Zielinski’s new venture separates itself from those traditional sites.

“Although there are other websites that try to help people find doctors, they don't do so effectively, often lacking in accuracy of information and allowing their users to anonymously post reviews,” said Zielinski.  “ focuses on using verified patient endorsements instead of reviews.”

RightDoc users help others locate medical professionals by endorsing doctors they have seen, spotlighting positive experiences with physicians and identifying their areas of strength. 

Finding a doctor on the easy-to-use website begins with the user entering a location to begin a database search organized by specialty or doctor.  A symptom checker tool assists in case the user is not certain what type of specialist is needed.

Another feature, “Prepare to See a Doctor,” supplies help in getting ready for an upcoming doctor visit and lists questions to ask specialists about specific procedures and diagnoses they offer.  

Visiting the site, which is free for you to use, will also link you to video content, informative tweets, and a blog to assist you in finding the right medical professional.  Once your account is set up, RightDoc will keep track of your doctors, appointments, and searches for you.

Zielinski encourages people to become involved with not only when needing to find a doctor, but also because of the power each individual can have on helping others who are going through similar situations and aren’t sure who they should turn to.

“The greatest source of information for anyone dealing with a medical issue is the perspective of another person who has faced similar obstacles and has come out the other side of the experience,” Zielinski said.

Sharing that kind of information is what makes RightDoc such a valuable tool.