The Secret of Health Care…I Never Saw It Coming: Commentary from the CEO

September 01, 2013

When I started my new position six years ago with the Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley, I had certain expectations for the organization. I knew that the business needed leadership in operations, contracting and vendor management, cost control and all of the disciplines that make a business successful. I was trained and had experience in these areas. What I was not prepared for is what I learned from our doctors and staff, which has since been transformed from their secret to our secret for true success.

We have seen our share of successes and accomplishments at OSI. First and most importantly, we have industry leading metrics in quality with excellent patient access and patient surveys. This, the foundation of our group--accomplished through daily diligence--makes all of our other programming possible. From this foundation, our Total Joint Program, Workers’ Compensation Program, Athletic Training Services, and emerging Spine Program are all brought to life. We have since opened sites in Waupaca and Shawano to offer our clinic services to more patients. However, these too are services we have been professionally trained to deliver.

The secret to our success I believe we learned long before any professional training. The secret to every relationship, to each encounter at OSI, is a genuine caring for one another. A sense of compassion that we cannot teach. A genuine concern, an interest in your well-being and a desire to make you better.

What I never expected was learning that there is no reward more fulfilling, more gratifying, or more motivating than a patient, an employer, or a school administrator saying “thank you” for providing this service. Without you I would not have had this outcome.

In order to create a sustainable business you must manage quality, cost, and service at the highest levels. This is the foundation from which all other actions can take shape.

The secret to creating a world-class health care service has less to do with business tools, or formulas, or ratios, or equipment and more with taking the time to treat each patient so well that they notice enough to say, “Thank you. I appreciate what you’re doing here.”

Seems obvious to me now.

Curt Kubiak, CEO of the Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley