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Muscle, bone, and joint injuries are very common in sports. Athletes of all ages are at risk for any number of injuries—sprains, strains, torn ligaments, broken bones, and concussions. As your sports medicine and orthopedic specialists in Green Bay, the Fox Valley, and vicinity, OSI wants to help you overcome knee, hip and other pain caused by sports injuries. Then we want to help you regain your mobility and feel great again.

We want to keep athletes in the game in a safe, responsible, and healthy way. That’s why we’re committed to preventing sports injuries in the first place. And we’re committed to proper diagnosis and treatment when injuries do occur, to protect athletes from any long-term effects.

At OSI, we’re passionate about providing the highest quality sports medicine available. We’re dedicated to injury prevention and wellness education, especially for young athletes. We’re experts at getting you back in the game—and keeping you there safely.

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