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Don't sit on the sidelines because of your knee pain.

Knees get a lot of use. They also happen to be one of the larger and more complex joints in your body. That means there’s a lot that can go wrong. And because your knees are such hard workers, pain or injury can put life as you know it on hold. As your knee specialists in Green Bay, the Fox Valley, and vicinity, OSI wants to help you understand what could be causing your knee pain. Then we want to help you regain your mobility and feel great again.

Knee pain often comes from years of use, wearing down the cartilage and causing painful arthritis. But often knee pain is the result of an injury—from athletics, leisure activities, or just taking a bad step. Treatments can be anything from icing, physical therapy, or pain medication, to surgery that replaces the entire knee joint.

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The entire OSI team is well-equipped to diagnose and treat your knee pain, whatever the cause. A “minimal intervention” approach means we’ll usually start conservatively to deal with the pain. And if surgery is necessary, we’ll get you back on your feet—fully recovered—in less time and at lower cost.

Don’t let knee pain put your life on hold.

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