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just because your hip can't take it.

If you’re living with hip pain, you’re well aware of how much it can disrupt your life. Activities you used to enjoy, daily routines—everything changes to make room for the pain. You might even find you’ve stopped doing things you love, just because your hip can’t take it. As your hip specialists in Green Bay, the Fox Valley, and the vicinity, OSI wants to help you understand what could be causing your hip pain. Then we want to help you regain your mobility and feel great again.

Your hip pain could have any number of causes. Most commonly, it’s time—years of wear and tear, resulting in arthritis and difficulty moving the hip joint. Injuries are common, too—often it’s a hip fracture or an injury from activity and repetitive strain. And sometimes it’s genetics—a chronic condition or degenerative disease. Treatments for hip pain can range from physical therapy or pain relievers, to partial or total hip replacement surgery.

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At OSI, we’re highly trained in diagnosing and treating all kinds of hip injuries and conditions. We’re at the forefront in new procedures, and well-versed in the tried-and-true. And we’ll work with you to get you back to your life with as little disruption as possible.

Don’t wait to deal with your hip pain.

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