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Your ankles and feet see a lot of action. And that means it’s common to sustain an injury or develop pain. Foot or ankle injuries can come from daily wear, athletic activity, missing a step—or just years of wearing heels. Whatever the cause, foot and ankle pain can knock you off your feet—and not in a good way. As your orthodpedic specialists in Green Bay, the Fox Valley, and vicinity, OSI wants to help you understand what could be causing your foot and ankle pain. Then we want to help you regain your mobility and feel great again.

Common foot and ankle injuries and conditions:

Common treatments:

We designed OSI to treat any orthopedic condition—which means we’re dedicated to superior foot and ankle care. You’ll find only the best in non-surgical and surgical options to treat whatever foot or ankle issue you have. And we’ll get you back on your feet, without the pain.

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