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Is Robotic Surgery Right For You?

When it comes to getting a procedure done to the knee or hip, a specialist has to be very careful due to the sensitivity of these areas. A great orthopedic surgeon in the Green Bay or Appleton area can make the treatment go even smoother with the right assistance, and that’s why a robotic procedure might be the path for you. With the right technology and the right physician, the task can be easier to do.

This is actually a well-planned procedure that starts with a specialist creating a patient-specific 3D plan that uses a CT scan to guide the treatment. This takes into account the patient’s anatomy and ligament balance. The robotic arm is used as a way to assist the specialist in performing the procedure more carefully. As a result, the specialist guides the robotic arm in a predefined setting to make the most precise movements for a safer and more efficient procedure. This way, they are able to get in the least invasive manner and it helps the patient get the most quality treatment.

If you are considering knee or hip replacement, you need to learn about robotic arm-assisted surgery. And if you live in the Fox Valley, robotic surgery for knee and hip replacement can be found only at the Orthopedic & Sports Institute.