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The Importance of Honesty

It is critical for patients to be transparent during an examination with their orthopedic surgeon. Failing to be forthcoming and honest with your orthopedic physician can result in a delayed recovery and ineffective treatments for the issue. Being open throughout the appointment helps the doctor to determine the exact cause of the pain. Plus, what you disclose to the doctor during the appointment can impact the treatment plan they prescribe to you by ensuring the methods are effective.

Being honest during the examination will help to guide the doctor towards the exact cause of the issue. Without your honesty, this may be difficult to do because the specialist will need to determine the cause on their own. To do this, they will likely need to administer a variety of tests and samples that can help to eliminate the cause of the problem. Having to undergo this testing can be uncomfortable, costly, and time consuming. Further, it prevents the doctor from treating the issue quickly which can cause the pain to persist and prolong the impact of the damage.

To help determine an effective treatment plan, it is important to be completely transparent while the doctor is examining the damage. Patients who are being examined should try to be as open as possible and provide the doctor with as much information as they can. This means that patients should provide any additional details about their body or medical history that may be relevant. Failing to have this conversation prior to a treatment can result in ineffective methods and a worsening condition.

Seeing as the doctor will be better able to determine the cause of an injury when the patient is honest, it can allow them to receive treatment faster, in turn preventing the damage from persisting. This is essential when it comes to muscle pain and joint injuries, as such problems often worsen with time. This can also have a greater impact on the patient’s lifestyle because they will need to wait longer before returning to normal. To prevent these consequences, patients should advise the doctor of their experience with the pain, prior medical history, and any information that may indicate how the damage began. This can reduce the amount of time that the patient has to experience the discomfort as it will ensure a speedy recovery.

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