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The Benefits of Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery

If you suffer from chronic and debilitating joint pain, consider speaking to an orthopedic surgeon in the Fox Valley area about the benefits of a Mako robotic assisted procedure. Not only can these procedures be used to correct the issue that is causing you to suffer, but it uses the most advanced medical technology that is available. This results in a less invasive procedure, quicker recover period, and a decreased risk of additional damage.

Unlike standard types of medical procedures, a Mako robotic assisted surgery uses the most advanced medical technology available. This allows for a more precise method of reaching the affected joint. This precision enables the doctor to complete the procedure with more accuracy, and less damage to the surrounding muscles. When compared to other types of procedures, the surrounding muscle may need to be cut or removed to reach the impacted area. This can result in even more damage to the body and a more painful recovery period. Rather than suffer through these risks, it is recommended that patients consider having the Mako robotic assisted procedure.

The Mako software that accompanies the robotic arm allows the doctor to accurately plan and complete the surgery without affecting the surrounding area. This is done by forming a model of the joint using the help of imaging technology. This enables the doctor to prepare a personalized strategy that is specific to your body, in turn, eliminating any unexpected errors or accidental damage from cutting into an incorrect region.

Prior to the surgery, most doctors are unable to accurately identify the issue that is impacting the joint. Further, surgeons may not be able to detect any abnormalities or issues that could prevent the procedure from being effective. However, this uncertainty is not a concern for those who choose to have a Mako robotic procedure. This is due to the fact that imaging technology will be used to help assist the doctor during the correction by developing an exact model of the area. This model is then used by the doctor as a guide that helps to indicate where an incision should be made. The surgeon then guides the robotic arm during surgery, following the exact specifications determined by the CT scan done prior to surgery.

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