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Three Reasons to Choose Recovery Inn

Following surgery, it is important for a patient to be in a relaxing environment. This is due to the fact that the environment can impact their recovery seeing as it allows for easier access to care, treatments, staff and assistance. Without a welcoming environment, patients are at risk of suffering from a lengthy recovery period. To help prevent this from happening to you, a stay at the Recovery Inn following a treatment procedure by an orthopedic specialist in Green Bay or Appleton should be considered. This skilled nursing facility has been carefully designed to treat patients dealing with joint issues by providing them with a caring atmosphere they can use during their recover. If you’re considering an orthopedic surgery, continue onto the article below for an outline of all the reasons why the Recovery Inn can help a patient heal faster.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Unlike other types of care facilities that can appear sterile, the Recovery Inn will not. Rather, it provides a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable feeling for all its patients. This can assist with the recovery by preventing the patient from dealing with added stress or discomfort. Further, family members and friends will be more inclined to visit and spend time with the patient at the facility given how comfortable the grounds are, in turn, allowing the patient to focus on themselves and the healing process.

Attentive Care

Other facilities may not be able to provide their patients with personalized and attentive care as well as the Recovery Inn can. This is typically due to the fact that the facilities are overwhelmed with patients in need of different levels of care. When a patient is placed into this scenario following a surgical procedure, it can inhibit their ability to heal quickly as they may not be receiving the care they need. However, when patients choose the Recovery Inn this does not need to be a worry. Rather, the facility will be able to provide specialized treatments to every patient. And if your surgery is done at OSI’s surgery center, you are taken to the attached facility, have your physician onsite to check on you, and have your physical or occupational therapy right near your room. One campus, all the care you need. Could it be more convenient?

Ample Staff

As mentioned above, other types of care centers can quickly become overwhelmed with their patients. However, at the Recovery Inn this will not occur seeing as the facility offers a high staff to patient ratio. This can impact the patient’s recovery by giving them access to a care provider throughout the entire day. Other facilities may require the patient to wait to speak to their designated nurse or doctor which can prevent them from seeking speedy treatments for an issue that is affecting them. However, at the Recovery Inn, there will always be highly trained and professional member of staff available to address concerns and assist with their recovery. Also, no room is more that 55 feet away from the nurses’ station, providing you with fast access and greater convenience should you need anything.

Discover the Difference

So, are you ready to check out Recovery Inn on the OSI campus? It’s the nation’s first skilled nursing center attached to a surgery center and dedicated to total joint replacement recovery. You can have your surgery at OSI’s surgery center and you are only steps away from your private room, Physical therapy will start soon after you arrive, and this care is delivered by the team from Advanced Physical therapy & Sports Medicine, recognized as the top private practice in the country in 2014.

Get started by calling Executive Director Shaena Van Handel, who can provide you the information you need and even schedule a tour of the facility for you. Call Shaena directly at 920-560-1066

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