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How Does Weight Impact Joint Pain?

Being overweight can have a devastating impact on an individual’s joints. Not only can the weight increase the amount of pressure that is placed on the body but it can affect the joints by increasing the amount of inflammation in the body. These risks further impact the likelihood of contracting an illness and needing a knee replacement surgery in the Fox Valley area (Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh) by promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Rather than remain unaware of how these issues can impact your joints, continue onto the article below where all of the reasons for maintaining a healthy weight are explained.

Decreases Pressure

The more that an individual weighs, the more pressure will be placed on the body and joints. This is due the fact that the body will require additional strength to support the added weight. This places a strain on the joints by preventing the muscle from freely moving. Further, this increases the amount of pain that an individual feel. To prevent this issue from persisting, it is critical to maintain a healthy weight. Otherwise, if the issue persists it can result in a gradual loss of movement in the joint.

Reduces Inflammation in the Body

The body will be more inflamed the heavier that a patient is. Oftentimes, those who are heavier eat a diet that is higher in processed and unhealthy food. These types of foods impact the amount of inflammation throughout the body. To prevent this from occurring to your joints it is critical to maintain a healthy lifestyle by limiting the amount of processed food you consume. To do this, it is recommended that patients switch to whole foods, vegetables and fruits to mitigate against the effects of the issue.

Decreases the Risk of Developing Disease

Given the impacts that an unhealthy lifestyle can have on an individual, it is vital to develop healthy habits. Otherwise, they may be at risk of contracting diseases and illnesses that can increase their knee pain. For example: those that are overweight are at a greater risk of contracting arthritis. Arthritis is a chronic disease that affects the joints of an individual. Overtime, this illness will cause the patient to suffer and be unable to use their muscles freely. For patients to avoid this from happening, it is recommended to limit their risk of developing a disease by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy weight can also prevent joint pain by promoting a healthy lifestyle. Given the fact that the joint will be better able to handle movement, patients will be able to begin introducing exercise back into their routine. This can help to foster a more active lifestyle as they will be able to complete activities that would not have been possible otherwise.

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