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Signs You Need a Hip Replacement

There are a number of signs to indicate you may need to have a hip replacement surgery. From chronic hip or groin pain, to stiffness in the joints, an impacted quality of life, the inability to stand for long periods of time and more, knowing the warning signs that indicate you need a replacement are critical. Failing to understand these warning signs can result in irreversible damage to your joints that can further affect your ability to function. This article hopes to clarify symptoms by outlining the most common signs that indicate a joint replacement might be needed.

Joint or Groin Pain

The most common warning sign that indicates you will need to have joint replacement surgery is chronic joint or groin pain. This pain can result in a sore and tender feeling in the joints every time that the muscle is moved. Not only can this be a painful experience for an individual to undergo, but if it left to persist it can result in irreversible damage that prevents them from moving. If you’re currently experiencing chronic hip or joint pain, it is recommended to visit a professional who will be better able to assess your condition and determine the impacts that surgery could have on you.

Impacting Quality of Life

If your joint pain is impacting your ability to complete certain daily tasks then it may be time to consider a joint surgery. This is due to the fact that the surgery may be able to restore the joint. This can result in the ability to complete the tasks that the pain prevented you from doing prior to the procedure. Common activities that those with joint pain find uncomfortable are: bending, sitting, or standing for long period of time. To prevent this from impacting your quality of life, consider seeing a specialist the moment your range of movement is impact.

Significant Damage to the Joint

There are a number of illnesses and diseases that can affect the joints. The most common disease that affects the joints is arthritis. This is due to the fact that the illness will attack the joints by causing an inflammation to occur. This impacts the range of movements that the joint is able to perform. Further, it causes a great deal of pain to the individual when it is moved. To prevent this issue from persisting, patients should consider surgery to correct the damage done to the joint. Otherwise, patients dealing with severe arthritis, may be at risk of requiring additional surgeries and treatments to mitigate against its effects.

Time to Take Action

Request a consultation with one of the hip specialists at the Orthopedic & Sports Institute. Call (920) 560-1000 or request an appointment online. OSI offers anteriorposterior, and robotic surgical options for the treatment of hip pain. Do your homework, talk to friends and family members, neighbors and colleagues to identify the procedure that is right for you.

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