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Discover the Injuries Involved in Football

Football is a high-impact sport in which serious injuries are regular. However, the players of this game also enjoy the best protection based on the body armor and headgear, which are mandatory for every participant in the game. All the same, physical injuries are still unavoidable, and some may be serious enough to warrant the services of an orthopedic specialist.

Most Common Football Injuries

Common injuries during a football game happen around the ankles, knees, elbows, and thighs. Knee injuries are the most common, involving cartilage tears or ACL ruptures. In a worst-case scenario, fractures are involved. These injuries happen due to sudden speed bursts and immediate direction changes, often similar to those that happen in soccer games. Ankle sprains and hamstring sprains are also common.

Hamstring strain

This injury often happens around the thigh region, causing a sharp pain during sprints or fast stretching movements. Affected players can also feel acute pain during high kicks. Experts grade hamstring injuries on levels one, two, and three according to the degree of seriousness.

ACL Injury

An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is common in contact games in which sudden changes of direction are involved. Usually, ACL injuries occur together with other injuries in the knee joint, which is why the services of an orthopedic specialist are important. First aid can provide a quick relief before further medical checkup.

Ligament Injuries

These are regular in games of football. This type of injury is usually divided into two common categories: the MCL sprain and the Lateral Ligament Sprain. The first one happens inside the knee, and can lead to orthopedic surgery. The second happens outside the knee region, often due to a sudden direct blow. Ligament injuries can lead to a partial surgery or total replacement of the affected bone, especially if it happens on the hip.

Rotator Cuff Strains

This injury is a tear to the rotator cuff muscles located in the shoulder. It is another common injury in football. It leads to a tearing feeling and a sudden pain in the affected area. Players affected should visit qualified medical experts for further check-up and possible treatment.

Ankle Sprains

Even with ankle braces, sprains still happen. Sprains are common in high impact sports like football. Symptoms of the condition vary from mild to severe situations. In a mild sprain, the player can continue with the game. However, a severe sprain might lead to orthopedic visits at a reliable facility. Sometimes, it could be a broken or dislocated ankle, which can affect even the upper leg and thighs as well. In such cases, the affected player should see a specialist for appropriate remedy.

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