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Considering Hip Surgery?

When a person first starts feeling pain in their hips, they may brush it off as not getting enough rest or they may think they strained themselves. However, what most people don’t expect is for this pain to get worse on a daily basis until they are unable to function properly. There are many different factors that can lead a person to suffer from severe hip pain.

First of all, it could be a temporary thing that happened to them because they did a lot of strenuous work in a short period of time. However, more often than not, it can be something more permanent and it can be due to an injury that occurred while playing a sport. It can also be the result of genetics as well, or it can be attributed to growing older and overworking the body.

Whatever the reason may be, individuals need to keep their options open and they need to know what they can do to get back to normal and start being healthy and active again.  One of the best options they have is surgical in nature. Many people don’t want to jump to something that they feel is so extreme, but the truth is that for many cases of joint pain and many issues that involve the musculoskeletal system, the only solution is to have it fixed through surgery. There are other nonsurgical solutions available, but they are all temporary and they generally do not work properly for the vast majority of people.

Individuals looking for a long-term solution can opt for Mako robotic surgery. This surgery is highly effective because it uses modern technology to help a surgeon stay on track during the procedure. The chances of human error are reduced when the surgeon operates on the person with the assistance of this robotic arm. The arm makes sure that the medical professional does not cross the boundaries, and this leads to a very precise surgery that is much easier to recover from.

A person also has the option of getting a simple hip replacement without the use of the robotic arm. Both approaches, one year out from surgery, have very similar success results. Every person is different, and every condition can be treated in very specific ways. A person can try to treat their pain at home but if it continues to progress, then getting hip replacement surgery with or without a robot is a great way to get back on the path to good health and active living.

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