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What is Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery?

Individuals who need surgery on their knees or hips no longer have to fret about whether the procedure will be precise and specifically designed for them and not a one size fits all appoach. When a person goes to an orthopedic surgeon in Green Bay, Appleton, or Oshkosh area, they now have the option of getting Mako robotic assisted surgery. Many will opt for this approach by due to its differentiators and results.

The Mako robotic assisted surgery uses revolutionary technology – namely a robot – to help a surgeon perform the operation with the maximum amount of precision available. The first step of this procedure involves a 3D scan being taken of the area that is to be worked on by the surgeon. After that has information been fed to the robot, the surgeon performs the entire procedure with the help of the robotic arm. The surgeon guides the arm to help with the surgery, as the robotic arm ensures that the medical professional stays within the boundaries of what was decided beforehand as the optimal surgical procedure.

After the procedure is complete, individuals have the option of staying at Recovery Inn, the attached skilled nursing facility, which feels more like an boutique hotel stay than a stay in a normal hospital room. The purpose of such a convenient setting is so a person will feel more comfortable and more at home, which are both important factors in helping a person heal faster and more fully.

When a person gets a precise surgical procedure that has been custom designed for their specific injury and gets to enjoy the benefits of staying at Recovery Inn, they are likely to heal faster than even they expected and be back to normal before they know it.

When a person goes to visit an orthopedic surgeon in the area, they should inquire about Mako robotic assisted surgery. If they do offer this option, then it might be a fantastic choice for individuals to opt for because of the precision it offers and also because of the help it offers the surgeon. Find out if you are a candidate for this surgery.

If a person wants to take every precaution and they want to ensure that they are increasing their chances of a successful surgery, then this is a fantastic choice to investigate.

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