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What Makes a Good Recovery Facility?

When a person wants to get the best possible treatment for any medical condition, then they should make sure one box is checked: convenience. When a person is looking for a good orthopedic specialist in Green Bay, Appleton, or Oshkosh, then individuals really need to consider what is the most convenient thing for them.

If a person goes to a good orthopedic center, then they should have access to everything they could ever need under one roof. Any procedure they need to go through and any tests they may need to have done should all be completed in one place. Even the surgeries a person may need to undergo should all be done in one place, and this will make life a whole lot easier. Another thing that makes recovering from an injury or going through post-surgery recovery a whole lot easier is when a person gets access to a skilled nursing facility.

The current complaint that most patients have about rehab centers is that they do not feel like home. However, if a person is lucky enough to find a good center, then they will be rewarded with a beautiful setting that is free from corridors and other aspects that make it feel like an unappealing hospital. They will be able to experience a lot of natural lighting as well and get nice washrooms that can make a person feel a lot more like they are at home.

It can be hard to recover when a person is not in love with the place where they are staying. However, with a good orthopedic center, this problem is solved. A lot of patients cannot go back home right after their surgery because they need extensive care. They may have to undergo different tests after their procedure and that can be really hard for them to do if they have to keep commuting from home to the center with their new injury. In most cases, it is a lot easier to stay at a recovery facility until a person is literally on their feet again.

If a person is having doubts about staying in such a space, then they should not fear as there are really good options available for them to choose from. They can opt for going with a facility and staff that values their experience.

So, are you ready to check out Recovery Inn on the OSI campus? It’s the nation’s first skilled nursing center attached to a surgery center and dedicated to total joint replacement recovery. You can have your surgery at OSI’s surgery center and you are only steps away from your private room, Physical therapy will start soon after you arrive, and this care is delivered by the team from Advanced Physical therapy & Sports Medicine, recognized as the top private practice in the country in 2014.

Get started by calling Executive Director Shaena Van Handel, who can provide you the information you need and even schedule a tour of the facility for you. Call Shaena directly at 920-560-1066.

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