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Recovery Inn: What Can It Do?

As you may have been told by your orthopedic specialist from Green Bay or Appleton, the recovery process after a joint replacement surgery is absolutely crucial not just for the patient’s well-being, but also for length of time they will be able to enjoy their new hip or knee. If you’re looking for the best in skilled nursing facilities, look no further than Recovery Inn on the campus of the Orthopedic & Sports Institute. The country’s first orthopedics-only recovery center attached to a surgery center, Recovery Inn was created to help patients recover as fast as possible by giving them the personalized care they need following joint replacement.


No one likes to stay in the hospital, which is why most people want to go home even before their orthopedic specialist recommends it. Indeed, being able to enjoy the privacy of your own space is quite a special feeling. The good news is that the Recovery Inn offers suits that are private, designed with your comfort in mind. The hotel-like effect of these suits is assured by the spacious closets, mini refrigerators, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, as well as the large windows, which go from the floor all the way to the ceiling. Of course, no room would be complete without a private bathroom.

Medical Help

The goal of recovery is to return you to your lifestyle quickly and safely. Individual attention is very important, and this is precisely what the Recovery Inn offers. The doctor who took care of the surgery will be able to check up on their patients, as they perform surgery right next door. Occupational/physical therapy is provided onsite by the nationally recognized team from Advanced Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. It doesn’t hurt that the rehab gym has floor to ceiling windows that let in natural light. And each room is no more than steps away from the nurses station.


Sometimes you may feel like leaving the privacy of your room to join friends and family in a more social setting. The lobby at Recovery Inn (you’ll be acquainted with this space as you begin your physical therapy right after surgery) provides that opportunity for you.

Understand the Difference

If you are considering joint replacement surgery, consider the importance of your rehabilitation setting. Choose OSI.