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Is Knee Replacement the Only Option?

Suffering from leg joint pain can cause a person a lot of discomfort during their day. Joint pain can cause a person to miss out on a lot of fun activities, and even basic day-to-day chores can become difficult to accomplish because of the extreme level of discomfort one is feeling.

A person can develop joint diseases due to their age, due to constantly straining their joints, or due to an injury. If a person has constant trouble with their leg joints, they may feel like knee replacement is their only option. However, this does not have to be the case. If a person is willing to take on medical intervention in order to feel better, then there are a couple of things a person can try before resorting to a full-blown replacement of their joint.

The first option that a person should consider when looking at medical solutions for their joint discomfort is cortisone. Cortisone injections are great at reducing swelling, and this can help a person feel immediate relief. If a person rests their joints afterward, then they can make the relief last for a long time. However, this is a temporary solution and anyone looking for something a bit more permanent should consider the option of resurfacing.

Resurfacing is basically when the damaged portion of the joint is removed and an implant is placed to help it function normally again. This is a smaller surgery than a total replacement, but it does have its benefits and it can be quite effective as well. However, the most common treatment for individuals suffering from leg joint diseases such as osteoarthritis is actually to get a total joint replacement.

Individuals should consult a doctor to find out if there are any treatments that are best for them. They will usually have the option of starting off with therapies at home. They can try ice or heat packs to help ease their pain.

If that is not working, they can move on to physiotherapy and cortisone injections to help them get through this painful time. If these fail to give a person the results they are looking for, then they can always opt for joint resurfacing and get the damaged portion resurfaced in order to reduce pain and swelling. If all else fails, then they can opt for knee replacement.

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