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Get to Know the Mako Total Knee Replacement Surgery Robot

The improvement in the medical industry, specifically in the world of knee surgery, continues. Over the years, developments have come and gone. A new improvement that looks like it is here to stay is Mako robotic arm assisted technology. This technology is transforming the world of robotic joint replacements. However, contrary to what most people know, the Mako robotic arm assisted technology is not here to replace orthopedic surgeons. This technology is present to assist surgeons to improve knee surgery.

The Mako robot does not perform the surgery, but it plays a crucial role the entire time. Here are two important differentiators:

Custom 3D Plan

The treatment plan starts with a CT scan of the knee joint. Through this, a 3D model of the patient is created. This information is used by the Mako software to create an accurate plan for the patient. Since the anatomy of each and every patient is different, it is important to have a custom plan for each patient. Everything is considered by the Mako robot including the differences in sizes and the types of diseases. In the past, creating a custom plan was almost impossible. Now, surgeons have a way to do it.

Surgery Support

The Mako robot is a great assistant in the operating room. During surgery, it can help accurately undertake the plan that it came up with for the patient. The Mako robot makes sure that the surgeon can stay within the set boundaries when performing the surgery. It also allows making the necessary adjustments, no matter how tiny the adjustment may be. The small things that it has improved have greatly increased the success rate of knee surgery.

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To learn more and to find out if robotic surgery is right for you, get started by requesting a consultation with one of the OSI orthopedic physicians utilizing Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted technology: Dr. David Eggert, Dr. Padraic Obma, or Dr. Kenneth Schaufelberger. Please call 920.560.1000 or request an appointment online. OSI is Northeast Wisconsin’s first provider of Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery for Hips & Knees.

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