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Which Doctors Treat Knee Pain?

When pain strikes any part of the body, it can be highly inconvenient and cause much discomfort. This is particularly true for pain around the knees. It is important to act quickly when pain strikes and sort out the issue before it can worsen.

If pain is consistent and problematic, it means it isn’t healing itself. If the pain is interrupting life on a daily basis and causing trouble with each step, it is best to get a professional opinion. This is when seeing a knee specialist in the Fox Valley area can become necessary.

There are many different doctors who can treat knee pain. Know who to see for what type of pain and feel prepared when troubles strike around the knees. These are some of the types of specialist doctors who can assist with knee pain.

General practitioner

This is the type of doctor one would visit for any issue, such as a common cold or scratch and abrasion on the skin. These doctors have a good generalized knowledge about many different areas. Therefore, they are a good starting point when an unknown pain issue arises. A general practitioner will be able to refer a patient on to a specialized doctor after a look at the pain issue.

Orthopedic surgeon

This is the doctor to see when the pain is severe and a surgical approach is needed to remedy the situation. These doctors treat issues, problems, and injuries that happen within the musculoskeletal system. This means they can work on pain that is happening in the joints, muscles, or bones around the knees. As well as the surgery, orthopedic surgeons can also help with physiotherapy, medications, and injections to solve a problem.

Sports medicine specialist

Since the knees take a lot of hits during sports and exercises, it is important to have qualified doctors who work within the sporting field. These doctors can provide prevention, treatment, and evaluation of sports related injuries that affect the knees. They can work within the means of medical treatment, rehabilitation through physiotherapy, or injections such as steroids. When the case permits, this type of doctor may refer their patient to an orthopedic surgeon.


Arthritis can strike anywhere in the body and it is quite common around the knees. This is when a rheumatologist will come into play. These are doctors who assess, diagnose, and treat osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and any other condition that affects the health and structure of the bones. They can assist with knee pain through medication, injections, and physiotherapy treatment.

Understanding the different treatment options and care providers are important when seeking out a knee specialist.


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