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Know Anterior Hip Replacement

According to a government report, the number of hip replacement cases has increased dramatically. It doubled over the last ten years and it is even increasing in the younger population among people 45 years of age and below. With this trend, more and more people are requiring surgery. The anterior hip approach has the same effect as the traditional, posterior method, but it has added benefits such as:

1. Shorter recovery time

The anterior method involves smaller incisions compared to the traditional method. And since this method means accessing the problem area in front rather than from the rear, it does not involve cutting through muscles and re-attaching them later, which the traditional way does. Therefore, there is less muscle pain after surgery and faster recovery.

2. Shorter hospital stay

Since recovery can be faster with the anterior approach, the patient will need to stay in the hospital for a shorter period of time than before.

3. Fewer Restrictions

Patients who have undergone the anterior approach are seen to return to normal function faster compared to those who took the traditional method. Moreover, the return of function can be better with the anterior approach. Some patients can already start bending over a few days to a few weeks after the surgery. Some can also sit with their legs crossed, which is not possible if you took the traditional method. Even after a month of recovery from the traditional method, patients are still discouraged from sitting with their legs crossed.

If you are interested in the anterior hip replacement, make an appointment with one of the OSI orthopedic surgeons who specialize in this approach: Dr. David Eggert or Dr. Brian Lohrbach.