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Top Tips for Knee Care

There are many points of the human body that play an integral role in everyday movement. The knees are certainly high on this list. Our knees are responsible for getting us standing up straight each day, taking a step, and bending down to pick something up. Without our knees, life becomes very difficult indeed.

Because there is so much pressure put on the knees on a daily basis, they are a common point of pain. The muscles, joints, ligaments, and tissues that surround the patella can wear out, fracture, and experience damage in many ways. This can be due to sporting issues or simply the aging process.

Therefore, it is important to do what we can to keep our knees in the best shape possible. Keep in mind these top tips for knee care and don’t hesitate to see a professional in the Fox Valley area if pain and problems persist. A professional can be someone who does acupuncture, physiotherapy, or orthopedic surgery depending on the type of issue in the knees that is happening.

Maintain a good weight

The size and shape of the body dictates how much pressure is put on the knees. Therefore, staying in shape and having a healthy body for the individual size and structure is important. Carrying extra body fat means that the knees have to work harder to support it. Losing just one kilogram of weight can alleviate up to 10 kilograms of pressure on the knees.

Stay active

This doesn’t mean running a marathon everyday. Rather, exercising moderately on a daily basis, such as a 30 minute walk or quick gym session, helps to keep the knees supple and active. It is good for the muscles and joints to work regularly so that they are resilient and strong.

Have a healthy diet

Putting lots of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals into the body can help give the knees what they need to stay strong and supportive. Too much salts and bad fats can make it harder for the bones to stay strong and healthy. Plenty of calcium is important for this as well.

Stretch after exercising

Exercise is important, but so is warming up, cooling down, and stretching before and after. The knees, as well as other parts of the body, need time to prepare themselves for the exercise that is about to happen. Give the body plenty of warming and time to get ready before starting any exercise. Do it a favor at the end, too, and stretch properly to cool the muscles down.


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