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Learning About Replacing Joints with Robot-Assisted Surgery

As the years have gone by, techniques used in various surgeries have been improved. One such example is the robotic joint replacement technique. This type of surgery is done by a surgeon, who uses the software available on this robot for planning the surgery. Then, they guide the arm of the robot to remove a joint that is no longer functioning and replace it with an implant. Understanding more about technological advances such as this is crucial for ensuring that you understand your joint replacement options.

Before Surgery

Everything begins with a CT scan of the knee or hip. This scan is then used for creating a 3D model of the anatomy of the person. This step is incredibly important, because it allows the doctor to create a model that’s a representation of the patient’s unique anatomy. The model is then uploaded into the software of the robot. This is then used to create a surgery plan.

During Surgery

While operating, the surgeon will utilize the robotic technology to help them with the replacement, using the plan they created with the CT scan. During this procedure, the surgeon will be guiding the arm. The robot ensures the physician is staying within the boundaries as defined by the scan. In case the plan needs to be adjusted, the robot allows for that to happen. The great thing about this procedure is that in addition to it being more accurate, it is also better able to protect the soft tissue around the joint.

After Surgery

After the procedure is done, the health care team will work to create goals for you to go through in the recovery process. Physical/occupational therapy begins soon after the procedure.

Having a robot-assisted surgery can provide a number of potential benefits for you. Do your research to find out if it is the best approach for you.

Are you a Candidate for Robotic Surgery?

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