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Get the Facts About the Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery That Patients Should Know About

One of the new approaches to orthopedic surgery is Mako Robotic Assisted surgery. Talk to your surgeon to determine if it is the right choice for you.

What Are the Advantages of the Robotic Surgical Technique?

When it comes to this specific robotic surgery technique, there are a number of benefits, especially compared to more traditional approaches to orthopedic surgery. You want to know what these are because it will help you to make the best decision for your health. The following are considered to be the primary advantages:

  • Your surgeon is able to create a plan that is more precise and detailed because he or she can take advantage of 3D modeling before you even get into the operating room
  • This surgical technique is especially helpful when it comes to hip reaming because it makes it possible to tackle this procedure in a single stage
  • Compared to other orthopedic surgery techniques, this type is more accurate
  • Adjustments can be made during the procedure for better efficiency

What Should I Expect During Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery?

This type of surgery will utilize a robot to essentially assist the surgeon during the procedure. He or she can take advantage of features, such as on-the-spot adjustments and 3D modeling of the joint being worked on. Surgeons can also better keep track of everything done, helping to minimize the risk of mistakes.

While the overall approach, especially with the technology, is quite different during the procedure, once it is done, the recovery is mostly the same. Your doctor will close the area that was operated on and you will go to recovery. How long you need to stay in the hospital ultimately depends on your general health and the extent of the procedure. You will be given a full recovery plan that you want to follow exactly once you get home. You should attend all of your physical therapy appointments and make sure that you see your surgeon for all of the required follow up care.

You can see that Mako Robotic Assisted surgery might be a viable option depending on the orthopedic issue that your doctor wants to repair. If you are a candidate and you want to pursue this surgical technique, it might be time for you to contact OSI.

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