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Common Reasons Your Doctor Might Recommend a Knee Replacement

When it comes to a knee replacement, doctors in the Fox Valley, from Green Bay to Oshkosh, might recommend this surgical procedure for a number of reasons. Better understanding these reasons will help you to determine if getting a knee replacement is the right option for you.

Most Common Reasons for a Knee Replacement

In most cases, there are four reasons your doctor might recommend that you consider knee replacement surgery. Now, having these issues does not automatically mean that you are a viable candidate. It simply means that this surgery might be worth looking into. These include:

  • You want to increase your mobility
  • You are seeking a better quality of life
  • You want to reduce your pain
  • You want to make it easier to do your normal activities of daily living

Common Arthritis Types That Might Warrant a Knee Replacement

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis that results from an autoimmune response. This means that your joints are essentially being attacked by your immune system and this is why the damage is occurring. This can result in issues like too much joint fluid and excessive inflammation. Both of these issues can make it hard to move the affected joint and can cause pain. Like osteoarthritis, it can also wear down the cartilage in the knee, forcing the bones to run together in the joint.

Osteoarthritis is a type that affects millions of people. As you get older, or with excessive wear of a joint, the cartilage gradually disappears, leaving the bones to rub together. This can cause damage to the joint and a variety of very uncomfortable symptoms.

Traumatic arthritis is a type that typically occurs as a result of a ligament tear, fracture, meniscal tear or another injury. This arthritis type seems to be most common in the knees. This is likely due to the knee containing a number of structures that are easily injured. Just like the two types above, this type causes a cartilage breakdown that results in the arthritis symptoms.

No matter which type of arthritis is to blame, the symptoms can be severe and overwhelming for some people. If this is true for you, you want to talk to your doctor about your treatment options. When conservative methods fail to give you relief or the damage is just too significant for conservative treatments, surgical options can be explored. One example of surgical treatment is a joint replacement surgery.

As you can see, there are many reasons a knee replacement might be an option. Now that you know more about why doctors recommend this surgery, you can make a more informed choice considering your knee and overall health.

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