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Caring for the Knee Replacement Patient

The process of recovering from a knee replacement surgery can be difficult. This is even more so for those who have to do it on their own. For most patients, the first couple of days after returning from the hospital are the toughest, because they are likely to be in pain and feel constantly tired. As such, these first few days are when help is most needed and highly appreciated.


Getting the home ready before the individual comes back from their knee replacement surgery is incredibly helpful. It’s a good idea to get a room ready for the recovery process. In it, there should be pillows for keeping the leg elevated and a bed that’s not too short nor too tall. In addition, ice packs are of great help, as well as easy to access items such as a telephone and medications.

A walker is another great addition, since for the first couple of days, moving will come with pain. Shoes and clothing items should all be comfortable, yet tripping-proof. Lights that can be reached easily are also of great help, together with writing materials for jotting down any questions one may have for their doctors.


Medications should always be taken as they were prescribed by the doctor. The patient may be in need of help with ensuring that they take them according to the schedule. Medication dispensers are great aids in this case.

Household Chores

The following weeks after surgery can be difficult since the patient will experience reduced mobility. The individual may also not be able to stand up for too long, or stretch, or bend. As such, household chores, such as cleaning, making food, or doing laundry may be quite difficult, which is why it’s a good idea to pitch in and help with household chores.

Medical Appointments

It’s a great idea to have a calendar ready for jotting down appointments, and ensuring that the patient gets to them. Indeed, keeping track of those may be difficult for the individual who has come out of surgery, which is why helping them with this aspect is a great idea.

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