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3 Benefits to Anterior Hip Replacement

The body can be a very fickle thing, especially in old age. Body movement is very important and the lower half may be the first to feel major effects of getting up there in the years. When it comes to surgery (often brought up from extreme soreness due to arthritis), a doctor may call for anterior hip replacement in the Fox Valley area. This is a good alternative procedure for any senior experiencing pain in that region. Here are some of the benefits of this procedure.

Less Muscle Damage

It’s important to sustain as much muscle capacity in the area as possible to keep things strong. If an elder goes through a posterior approach for this type of procedure, the doctor has to cut through and reattach the muscle. However, the alternative approach uses a five-inch incision instead. They are able to reach the joint by going in between the muscles. As a result, there’s no need to detach or cut through muscles and tendons. As a result, less tissues are damaged and the muscles in front don’t block direct access to the hips. This is a much safer and less invasive treatment to receive. Just by separating the muscles, it keeps a lot intact without severe loss. Another benefit is less restrictions after the procedure.

Better Movement Post-Surgery

If a posterior approach is used, there are limitations right after surgery. For example, patients must avoid flexing and internally rotating the joint for a few months. This is to prevent dislocation in that area. However, an anterior method reduces the risk of dislocation greatly, because of less tissue loss from the procedure. Also, the doctor may encourage that the patient gets up and walks a bit to aid in better movement of the joints. This will help them recover at a faster rate. Understand that whichever procedure is used, the vast majority of patients report that the results of surgery six months to a year out are very similar.

Quicker Road to Recovery

After a surgery like this, it’s important that the patient recovers as best as possible. The advantage of the alternative procedure is that it leaves a lot of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons intact. Not to mention, the smaller incision greatly helps in the healing process. As a result, the patient will experience less pain and the recovery will be shorter. A lot of the times, the patient will be mobile without a walker or cane a few weeks after the alternative surgery method.

These are a few key benefits of going this alternative procedure for the body, but remember to do your homework and see which procedure and which physician best meets your needs to create the best possible path for a successful surgical outcome. As stated, most patients report a greatly enhanced quality of life following either an anterior or posterior total hip replacement.

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