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Keeping Knees Pain-Free

The cartilage cushioning of joints can wear off as time passes, a condition which is known as osteoarthritis. If this happens, bones start hurting since they are essentially rubbing against each other. The problem with cartilage is that it cannot grow back. The good news, however, is that there are things you can do to take care of your knees in Green Bay.

Lose Weight

This goes only for those who are overweight, but an important part of knee care is ensuring that your weight is where it should be. Too much weight can put more stress than is needed on the joints. Indeed, every excess pound puts 4 pounds of pressure on the joints. The process of arthritis can thus be slowed down by losing weight. In fact, 20% of pain is reduced with every 10 pounds lost.


Another important part of knee care is exercise, especially aerobic. Pain due to arthritis usually makes individuals not want to work out. However, those who live very sedentary lifestyles notice that their feeling of stiffness worsens when they aren’t active. The pain also becomes worse. This is because regular exercise gets the heart working, which ensures that cartilage is well fed.

Strong Muscles

With strong muscles around joints, you can help take away some of the shock that is usually absorbed by the joint. As such, ensuring strong muscles around joints especially is a key factor in caring for them.


Stretching is of huge importance when it comes to enabling proper joint function. It keeps stiffness away, while also keeping the cartilage safe. Indeed, the more the joints are moved, the more the cartilage is given nourishment, which helps cartilage last longer.


There are plenty of supplements made especially for the joints. While they may not be able to help them grow back, these supplements may protect the cartilage that is left. Ask your doctor about the best ones for your situation.

Pain Relievers 

When pain comes up, talk to your doctor about pain relievers. Keep in mind that over the counter medicine is for use every now and then. For those who require it daily, consider talking to a doctor to help find a better alternative.

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