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3 Reasons to Consider Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery

If you have been putting off a hip, knee, or other joint replacement surgery by a qualified orthopedic surgeon in the Fox Valley because you are concerned about the surgery itself, the recovery time, or potential complications, it might be time to think about the latest option available to you to help you feel better and get back to your normal life.

1. Latest Technology

The Mako Robotic Assisted technology is one of a kind, of high caliber, and extremely advanced. The doctor is able to use the technology to create a 3D plan specific to the patient, which uses the information from a CT scan of the patient. This 3D information means the plan for the operation is crafted within boundaries and limits that are particular to that patient and his or her needs and particular injury or problem. When the doctor completes the procedure, this comes together through the use of the robotic arm, which allows the doctor to stay within these bounds of the plan as he uses the arm as a guide within the joint to facilitate the replacement. There is no other technology currently available that accounts for individual patient needs to the same degree while still supporting the medical professional to the degree that is needed for successful completion of the procedure.

2. Patient Focused

The use of the Mako Robotic Assisted Technology to complete a procedure means that the work becomes incredibly patient focused. Using this technology means the invasiveness of the procedure toward the patient is reduced, the post surgery recovery time is reduced, and the patient’s specific structures and individualities such as ligaments and anatomical imbalances are accounted for. You can think of the robotic technology as the equipment that allows the doctor to create a personalized and custom procedure for the patient, which reduced the pain and discomfort they experience.

3. Highly Trained Professionals 

Completing the robotic surgery is not available at all clinics. In fact, there are no other clinics in the Fox Valley that offer this high level of professional work. Patients taking advantage of this procedure do so knowing that they are having the job done by highly trained professionals who are experts in their field. They have taken specific courses in using the technology, had a great deal of hands-on experience, and have also been able to get feedback and improve their technique through other experts in the area.

While your experience will be greatly enhanced through use of the robotic arm, do not forget that after your surgery, you can stay at the Recovery Inn where we will be able to offer you a further enhanced individualized recovery program.

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