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3 Advantages of Staying at the Recovery Inn for Your Post Surgery Healing

After you have spent time with your orthopedic specialist, where you have had a knee replacement, hip replacement surgery, or any other relevant procedures, you will be faced with recovery time. For some people this is speedy and minimally impacts their life. For others, it is a longer rehabilitative process and requires much more around the clock care and assistance in helping them get back to their feet. If you fall under the latter group, it is advisable for you to book into stay at the Recovery Inn after your surgery. Here’s how you can benefit and the advantages of doing so:

1) Personal Assistance

You have the option for assistance any time you need it, from simple movements to getting up and down to walking down the hall, we are here to help. Many patients gain independence quite quickly after their procedure, especially when given regular confidence boosts by staff, but others require assistance for longer after their surgery, and we are here for as long as you need.

2) Tailored Recovery Program 

For most people, proper exercises, regular movement, and attention to the healing process is key when it comes to a successful recovery. But this looks different for everyone, proceeds at different rates, and regularly needs to be changed and modified based on the speed of advancement. When you stay with us, we tailor the recovery program to you and keep a close eye on your progress. We modify your program at your pace, moving you through faster if healing is progressing faster than expected,or holding you back as necessary to make sure you do not risk re-injury. If you leave and go home, you lose this close monitoring and will not heal as quickly and efficiently.

3) We’ve Built Everything for You

Our facility is catered to individuals recovering from orthopedic procedures and all of the staff are specifically trained and experienced in this area. We do not simply have a generic recovery facility, but rather a place that offers exactly what we know you need for the types of procedures you have undergone. After all, that is why we built the facility: there was nothing available that met our standards when it came to offering optimal recovery and physical therapy to orthopedic patients, and so we built our own facility.  And we know you will be able to greatly benefit.

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you need therapy treatment. Instead, book your place at the Recovery Inn so you can look forward to a speedy recover with our specialized staff and then pain free living afterwards. See you at Recovery Inn.

Getting Started

Recovery Inn is located on the campus of the Orthopedic & Sports Institute in Appleton (OSI). This skilled nursing facility was the first orthopedics-only recovery facility in the nation attached to a surgery center. At OSI, you can have your surgery and rehab without leaving the building.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Recovery Inn Executive Director Shaena Van Handel at 920.560.1066.

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