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Top Reasons to Visit a Physical Therapist

If you have recently undergone surgery, are suffering from an injury, or simply have recurring problems with joints, muscles, or other areas of your body, it may be necessary for you to visit a physical therapist. While your doctor or specialist will know best, here are some reasons why you may consider making an appointment:

Rehabilitation From Surgery

After you have had surgery with an orthopedic knee doctor, he or she will refer you to a physical therapist as part of the recovery and rehabilitation component of your post-surgery protocol. The therapist will be able to develop a plan that can be catered specifically to you and your needs, rate of recovery, what type of surgery you had, as well as factors specific to you heading into the surgery. They will monitor your progress and move the treatment along at an appropriate rate based upon your healing and be able to adjust the program as necessary to optimize your rehabilitation.

Sports Injury

If you are suffering from an injury, it is important that you get the treatment necessary to facilitate healing and recovery. Many sports injuries, such as certain tendon issues, IT Band syndrome, torn muscles, and many others, can have a faster rate of improvement when physical therapy is included. For some of these injuries, you may first need to see an orthopedic specialist, who will then refer you to a physical therapist who can create an appropriate plan for you.

Recovery From Overuse

Overuse injuries and problems are more common than you might think, and in fact, in some cases are at the root of needing specialized joint and orthopedic treatment in the first place. Part of that treatment may be a plan prescribed by a physical therapist, who will work on fixing the current problem as well as helping you adopt steps to make sure it does not recur.

Preventative and Maintenance

It is important to remember that you don’t have to wait and visit a physical therapist only when you have a problem or are dealing with an injury. Therapists play an important role in preventing injury as well. This is especially relevant if you are an athlete, subjecting your body to regular impact, or if you are prone to injury or problems due to things such as arthritis and inflammation.  Having regular appointments with your therapist is a great way to maintain mobility and stay ahead of any potential problems.

Now that you are more familiar with the role of a physical therapist and why you may need to see one, consider if it is the right step for you and your own recovery. If so, reach out to your to put a therapist appointment in place.


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