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Common Causes of Knee Pain

If you have recently experienced increase pain in your knees, you may be slightly alarmed and worried at what could be causing it and trying to decide whether or not you need to see a knee specialist in the Fox Valley area to have the issue assessed. Before you make your decision, consider the possible causes of your issue to help you determine its severity and need for treatment.


Most joints, muscles, and systems of the body become more stressed with age, exhibiting an increase in symptoms of pain and discomfort. If you are getting older and, especially if you have subjected your body to a lot of wear and tear or intense activity, this may be exactly what is happening with you. If the pain becomes severe and persists, you can visit your doctor to discuss it but also moderate it through your diet, by consuming anti-inflammatory foods, drinking plenty of water. and not adopting a sedentary lifestyle.

Sports Injury

An injury is a common cause of pain. For many people however, the pain that is occurring now may not be from a recent or current injury but from a previous injury. Whether that injury was not properly treated, you did not allow proper healing and rehabilitation, or it was simply severe enough that it has had long term repercussions, be aware that an injury may be to blame for your pain. If this is the case, visiting a doctor to make sure there is no residual issues from the injury and coming up with a possible plan for reducing your pain moving forward is the best solution.


A common disease that affects the joints, many people experience severe pain and discomfort as a result of arthritis. It is often genetically driven and for many sufferers tends to flare up with certain situations or conditions or if they do certain activities. Start to become aware of your arthritis triggers and avoid these whenever possible. There are also supplements and natural treatment methods that your doctor can recommend to you to help reduce the pain and minimize flares, so make an appointment and have a chat.


If you have been doing a lot more activity than usual or subjecting your body to activity that is of a much higher intensity or more impactful than it is used to, it will likely respond with pain after the fact. If the pain persists, speak to your doctor to make sure there are no larger problems or injuries at play.

If you are experiencing pain and feel one of these may be to blame or are unsure of why you are suffering, reach out to your specialist and make an appointment.

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