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How do I Know if I Have Joint Problems?

When it comes to addressing problems associated with the hips, knees, and other joints, it is possible for any one of us to suffer and need the additional attention. Many people suffer in silence because they do not realize there may be a treatable underlying issue. In many cases though, understanding these problems and how they present is the first part of helping eliminate them. Here are some common problems and what you can expect from each:


You may have heard of this issue happening with dogs, but it can happen in humans as well! Dysplasia is when the socket of the joint is shallow and the ball doesn’t fit in properly. This restricts range of motion, can cause pain due to bone rubbing on bone, and overall leads to discomfort and pain. For severe cases, the outcome can be joint dislocation, or the propensity of the joint to easily dislocate, having severe negative impacts on the quality of life of individuals suffering, as they regularly have to be watchful that their joint stays in place.


The hip is a ball and socket joint, which rotates around freely due to being contained in a fluid sac called a bursa. If this sac is damaged, overused, or in any way no longer intact within the joint, it can become inflamed, and this is known as bursitis. When it becomes inflamed, it is harder for the joint to move with a free range of motion, and it is harder for you to do your daily activities without pain and discomfort.


Individuals who suffer from arthritis typically already know that they have the condition and it is simply a matter of becoming aware of its presence in the specific joints and how to manage it.  Arthritis affects the joints of the body, and when it moves to the hips, you may have difficulty walking or bending over. You may notice a regular dull ache in these joints or experience pain and tightness.

All of these issues are problems associated with the joints and you may experience symptoms such as pain, restricted movement, inability to perform tasks you previously could do with ease, or hear grinding noises when you move. If this is the case and you are experiencing pain in this way, be sure to reach out to your doctor to find out more about what your problem may be and potential treatment options that will suit you and improve your quality of life.

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