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Is a Robotic Joint Replacement the Right Decision?

When things go wrong with joints in the knees or hips, understandably the first priority is to get the problem fixed straight away. Thankfully, we live in an age where surgical intervention can repair joints back to their prime functional state.

In fact, technology has advanced so much that it can often feel like things are taking place in a science fiction film, especially thanks to the advancement of robotic joint replacements. Yes, that’s right, a robot can now assist a surgeon to do replacement and repairs on joints in humans!

When it comes to robotic joint replacements in the Green Bay or Appleton area, this technology is highly important because it improves the accuracy and precision of the procedure in a drastic way. This means that there is significantly less room for error and a better outcome waiting at the other end for the patient.

There are many ways that this technology works. Some of the steps involved include:

  • The robot helps to draw up a computer-generated 3D plan of the incision and procedure
  • The robotic arm controls certain parts of the surgery and works within a predetermined space
  • The robot arm positions the surgical tools into an accurate place to perform the surgery

Naturally, many people are wondering if this is the better path to go down when requiring hip or knee surgery. In actuality, surgeons have been using such technologies for longer than many people realize. The technology is always advancing and evolving, but it has been around since at least 2003.

Just about anyone requiring hip or knee surgery can be a candidate for surgical intervention using robotic technology. Of course, it is a decision made in consultation with a doctor and surgeon.

There are many advantages that come with this technology. Firstly, it is specifically tailored to the patient’s’ height and weight dimension as well as their ligament alignment. This makes for a more accurate procedure and a fast recovery in many cases.

Ultimately, the use of this technology means that the surgery is more tailor-made. It takes into account more precise things such as the soft-tissue structure and the shape of the bones. This means that things are less painful in the recovery stages and there feels a less noticeable change for many patients.

More and more data and evidence is still being collected on the success of this type of technologically based surgery. The more people who use such technologies, the more results there will be to compare and contrast for future surgeries.

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