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How to Take Care of Your Knee Joints

There is something you can do to solve the chronic pain in your knee that is caused by worn out joints or damaged joints due to arthritis or an accident. With proper knee care and help from your doctor, you can reduce the pain you are feeling. Doing the correct practices and turning them into a habit can lead to virtually pain-free joints. Here are the things you can do about it:

1. Don’t be sedentary

If you don’t move your muscles and joints often, then that can make the pain worse. Walk a bit from time to time so you stay mobile. Find a suitable workout for you and stick to it. The workout doesn’t have to be as strenuous as what professional athletes do. It can be as simple as climbing up and down the stairs or doing some squats in the morning. Just make sure your routine is safe for you and you do it often. Check with your doctor if you are hesitant about your routine.

2. Perform cardio workouts regularly

Cardio workouts can help make your muscles stronger and your joints more elastic. Hence, it allows you to provide better support to your entire body. Some of the cardio workouts to consider are jogging, running, swimming, cycling, and water aerobics. Doing these can also help you have better balance.

3. Keep “RICE” in mind

RICE means rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This is good for relieving pain due to arthritis or a minor injury. This can be a first-aid solution when you are experience pain. When there is pain, take a rest. Put some ice on it to keep it from swelling. Then, wear a compression bandage to provide support to it. From time to time, elevate the area to reduce pain and swelling.

4. Stay within your ideal weight range

This should follow if you stick to your workouts and keep yourself mobile. If you get to the heavier side, this can cause more problem to your joints. So sweat it out and keep a healthy lifestyle to improve your muscles and joints.

5. Choose the right shoes

Whether for your day to day activities or for working out, there are right shoes for it. The insoles should be cushioned to reduce the pressure on your joints. If you are experiencing chronic pain, ask your doctor or therapist if you need special insoles. Never let your wrong shoes make the problem worse.

6. Find the suitable temperature

If you have a knee injury, you should play with the temperature that lessens the pain you are feeling. Putting an ice pack on it is recommended but after that, you need to heat it up with a heating pad or a warm bath. Doing this can help in relieving the pain and avoid it from swelling up.

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