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All About Anterior Hip Replacement And What It Can Do For You

The medical industry continues to evolve and this evolution often leads to better methods that provide quicker improvements. One of the latest developments in the world of surgery in Green Bay and Appleton is the anterior hip replacement. If you are interested in this kind of surgery, here are some of the important things to know about it.

1. It ensures less damage to muscles

When it comes to this kind of surgery, the patient is usually prone to muscle damage. However, the anterior approach promises less susceptibility to muscle damage because it now involves few muscles unlike before. Since fewer muscles are affected, minimal repair and healing are required.

2. It promises less pain after the operation

Since this method deals with fewer muscles, therefore, it promises that the patient will feel less pain after the operation compared to traditional methods. Since the doctor will not be cutting through major muscles, less pain will be felt, which also leads to less need for pain medications later.

3. Recovery from this operation is faster than usual

Since this operation deals with fewer muscles, it goes without saying that the recovery time from this is shorter compared to traditional ways. After the operation, the patient can already start trying to bend their hip and bear their own weight. Most of these patients who went through the new method can already use crutches and walk on their own sooner than those who went through the traditional operation. From a study, patients who went through the new method were able to walk on their own six days earlier compared to patients of the old methods.

4. It promises reduced risk of hip dislocation

Most people who go through this major operation are worried that the issue might come back and they would have to undergo everything all over again. However, this new method promises lower risk of that. Since this new method does not deal with the muscles and structures that naturally prevent dislocation, the chances of that happening after surgery are lower compared to the traditional method where they replace it with a new ball and socket that can lead to dislocation.

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