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Common Questions Patients Have Following Knee Surgery

Recovering from a knee replacement surgery can seem almost unbearable. The recovery process can take several weeks and you can be in a lot of pain. During the recovery process, you will meet with specialists and medical professionals who understand and are familiar with orthopedics in the Fox Valley area to make sure you are recovering quickly and properly. During these appointments, here are a few common questions that are asked and information you may want to know.

Is My Recovery on Track?

While each patient’s recovery time will be different, your doctor will want to see progress made during each visit. While many individuals can have a fast and smooth recovery, you may not. It is important that you discuss your recovery, your progress, and your setbacks with your doctor and discuss any concerns he may have. It is also critical that you follow the doctor’s and your physical therapist’s instructions during the recovery process. Ignoring their guidance will delay your recovery time and hinder your overall progress.

Are There Any Activities I Should Avoid? Any I Can Begin?

A knee replacement can limit many of your daily activities. Shortly after the surgery, tasks such as driving may not be allowed. You will want to talk to your doctor to know what activities you can participate in and which ones you should avoid. If you are worried that you are doing too much, you should also address this concern. Doing too much can actually injure and damage your knee, causing further complications or even requiring additional surgeries in the future.

Is My Pain Level Normal?

You may experience more or less pain than another individual. However, if the pain is consistent and you can’t control it with certain medications, you will want to talk to your doctor. Additionally, the pain should subside within a few weeks following the surgery, and most pain should be gone within the first two weeks. If you are still experiencing intense and unbearable pain, you should seek out medical attention. This could be a sign that something more serious is going on and a specialist can help determine if it is normal, if you have an infection, or if there is something serious going on.

If you have any additional questions during your recovery process, make sure to write them down. If you have large concerns, call and speak with a doctor or a nurse to determine if the concerns need medical attention right away or if they can wait until your next appointment. After such a large surgery, you need a little peace of mind knowing everything is looking good and you are recovering well.

Haven’t Started Your Knee Replacement Journey Yet?

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