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Complications You Should Be Aware of Following Knee Replacement Surgery

A knee replacement is no simple procedure. It is a very invasive operation that is extremely painful and can require a long recovery. While there are thousands of similar surgeries every year, not everything can go according to plan and some complications can arise. Here are a few possible complications you should be aware of following the operation.

Blood Clots

All orthopedic knee doctors in the Fox Valley will take special precautions to prevent blood clots in their patients. Blood clots can easily occur because of the changes in blood flow during the operation. Some orthopedic knee doctors may provide blood thinners to help reduce the risk of blood clots and will require patients to keep their feet and legs elevated following the surgery. Patients may also wear compression socks or other garments to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Intense Pain

While pain will occur following such a large surgery, pain that can’t be controlled or reduced may be cause of concern. Many individuals will experience some form of pain but it should lessen over time, particularly several weeks following the surgery. If the pain is still too much to bear or pain medication is not helping, you may need to seek out medical help.


Following this type of surgery, an individual becomes more prone to additional injuries. After replacing the knee, one small stumble or fall could fracture the bones and cause permanent damage or even require more surgeries. It is particularly important that a patient works hard at physical therapy and performs the exercises taught to strengthen muscles, which will provide for a stronger, more successful recovery.


The area around the joint does have a high chance of infection. If caught early, medicine and antibiotics can kill the infection. However, if the infection is too bad, additional operations or treatment plans may be needed. These infections can happen for a variety of reasons and in various locations around the joint.

Allergic Reactions

Just like with any other operation, there is a chance a patient may have an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, medications, or other fluids. In regards to a replacement, some individuals may also have allergic reactions to the materials used in the replacement. You will want to talk with your doctor about your specific allergies and if you have cause to worry.

There are always risks and possible complications that can occur with any type of procedure. Make sure you talk to your orthopedic knee doctor about any of your concerns or worries and ask questions regarding your specific situation.

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