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Are Your Knees Hurting? Here’s Why.

Knee pain can be extremely debilitating to an individual. It can limit a person’s mobility and even affect a person’s day-to-day life. Unfortunately, there is no one reason why a person may experience discomfort and aches around their knee. Here are several common causes for this discomfort and a few things you can do to find relief.


An injury is one of the most common reasons an individual can feel discomfort and hurt in this large body joint. There are many common injuries an individual can experience that can cause extreme inflammation, swelling, and irritation. An ACL injury is a common injury for individuals who are playing a physical sport such as basketball or football. Fractures are also common in these large joints and can occur from many athletic sports and from exercising. Even just walking and stumbling can cause a fracture.


While many individuals think of arthritis as a condition diagnosed only in the elderly, people of all ages can be diagnosed with a type of arthritis. There are dozens of possible conditions and some are much more severe and debilitating than others.

Overweight and Obese

When you are carrying extra body fat around, it puts extra pressure on your joints. Even just simple tasks such as walking and standing for long periods of time can cause extreme discomfort on various joints and even potentially damage body parts. Regular exercise is a great way to lose the weight, but you want to be mindful of what exercises you choose as excessive running can put added pressure on joints and make a situation worse.

The Way You Walk

Sometimes, the way you move your leg can put added pressure and stress on your joints, even if you aren’t carrying extra weight. In many cases, if you walk incorrectly, not only will your large joints hurt, but body parts such as your feet and hips will also experience some aches and discomfort.

What Should I Do About the Discomfort?

If you are experiencing an ample amount of discomfort, aches, and stinging or stabbing sensations, you should visit a Fox Valley knee pain doctor right away. If the pain is consistent and lasts for several days, it could be the sign that something is wrong in the joint and you should seek medical attention. Unfortunately, if you don’t receive medical attention when needed, you could further damage the joint and require much more invasive and intensive treatment such as surgery or even replacements. Talk to a doctor to discuss the problem area and to create a treatment plan that is ideal for your specific needs.

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