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Who Needs Hip Replacement Surgery?

We don’t often think about just how much strain and effort are put on our hips on a daily basis. But realistically, every step we take, every time we bend over, even each time we stretch up to reach something from the top shelf, it is the hips that are responsible for much of that movement.

It is no wonder then that the hips often give way first. As our bodies age and the everyday wear and tear of life, growing, and development occur throughout the years, the hips tire out pretty quickly. Without the right support, stretches, nutrients, and assistance over the years, many people often end up requiring hip replacement surgery.

In the Fox Valley, there are many qualified and experienced surgeons who can deliver suitable hip replacement. To understand if hip replacement is the right route to take, consider some of these following points. Always remember, this surgery should only be undertaken after appropriate consultation with a doctor and surgeon.


This type of surgery is most commonly associated with older people. However, it is not impossible that a younger person may need their hips tended to for reasons of sports injury. The reason it is so common for older people is because their hips have suffered much wear and tear, often ending up with arthritis which causes pain on a daily basis.


Feeling stiff in the hips is highly uncomfortable and painful. If there is strain when trying to put on shoes or bend over to pick something up off the ground, considering surgery might be appropriate.

Constant pain

The hips and groin are susceptible to pain after exercise. However, if this pain becomes a constant, dull ache, it might be a sign of a bigger issue. Hips tend to need surgical attention when the pain is localized between the pelvic muscles and the knees.

Standing on one leg

A test that doctors will often get patients to do before recommending them for surgery is standing on one leg. This is normally easy enough, although some people find the balance aspect a bit wobbly. However, if this can be done for more than one minute without pain, surgery probably won’t be needed. If standing on one leg for more than a minute causes pains and aches around the hips, it might be worth looking into surgical replacement.

When physio isn’t working

Before the surgical path is taken, physiotherapy treatment, natural remedies, and stretching routines will be recommended. If these aren’t working and there continues to be strenuous pain on a daily basis, a replacing the joints can be the best way to start living life to its full potential again.

If you would like to request a consultation with one of the hip replacement (anterior or posterior) specialists at the Orthopedic & Sports Institute (OSI), please call (920) 560-1000 or request an appointment online. OSI is Northeast Wisconsin’s exclusive provider of Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery for Hips & Knees.

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